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Great buy super fast shipping!!
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Very Prompt and Smooth Dispatch and Delivery. Arrived in very good condition. After opening the box the experience with this device was amazing offering a wonderful gaming performance and the ability to do general tasks exceptionally well.
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These things are awesome!!!! It is like having a portable Xbox! This guy is great as well! He took the time to make sure that we were happy and taken care of. He even overnighted the units. I definitely recommend him and this product!
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el envío llego a tiempo
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Such a beautiful device
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Magical Witch Punie Chan New Anime DVD
08 feb 2017
Epic and funny!
So great to watch with friends, But unexpectedly Vicious scenes and gruesome comedy. I love it! Wish it wasnt such a short series though Strongly Recommended if you like Anime like "Cuticle Detective Inaba" which we love
Razer Edge Pro 10.1" Tablet Windows 8 256GB 8GB RAM Intel i7-3517U 1.9GHZ
04 aug 2018
Legendary Gaming Tablet
Bought mine about 4 years ago its my single most used item I literally use this every single day Especially with new york life, traveling on the trains and what not Even plays modern day 2018 pc games even though it came out in 2013 My only hope is that there will be a razer edge pro 2